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H.A.(Harry)Egner Farm

John F. Montgomery Est. present owner



This small farm of approximately 128.6 Ac. was put together from several tracts purchased from the adjoining property owners.  H.A. Egner, upon his retirement from the farming business sold 113.6 Ac. to John F. Montgomery and this is still in his estate and the contact would be Herbert Montgomery, his son. 

The transaction is recorded in the Monroe County Court House in Deed Book 122 at page 258 and is dated Aug. 7, 1970 the actual transaction is, H.A.Egner to John F. & Edith R. Montgomery.  The deed describes this as bordering with Roy Burwell on US 219, the Clarkson place, Elba Lephew(Boothe/Hogshead), the Bowyer(Porterfield) place, George Irons and the Second Creek Road(Charles Boothe Road).

H.A.Egner acquired this 113.6 Ac. as the only heir to the estate of G.A. & Sallie A. Egner, his parents who died without a will. See section (a).

Two Acres, included in this amount, was purchased by H.A. Egner himself, in Oct. 9, 1945, recorded in Deed Book 79 at page 289.  From Charles E. & Elizabeth Marie(Hogshead) Boothe to H.A.Egner.  This comes off of an 84 Ac. (Hogshead land) tract to straighten out a fence line. (See Hogshead research for further trace of this land)

H.A. Egner retained a 15 Ac. tract from a different source that contained the house he was living in at the time.  See (b), later in this paper, for tracking of this piece of land.

Section (a):   Deed Book 31 at page 638, dated Oct. 2, 1894 in the amount of 86 p.

J.B. Hogshead to G.A. Egner.  Mentions joining the land of J.F. Cook and C.A. Hoghshead.

            Deed Book 35 at page 479, dated Feb. 14, 1901 in the amount of 22.5 Ac.

Mary A. & C.A. Hogshead to Sallie A. & G.A. Egner.  Mentions joining the lands of E.J. Nickell, Mrs. C.H. Burdett, and Lot #2 of Mary A. Hogshead.

(Refer to the Hogshead research for further tracking of these two properties)


Deed Book 42 at page 516. dated March 1, 1909 in the amount of 25.25 Ac.

Walter S. and Rosa E. Cook to G.A. Egner.    Mentions joining the lands of John B. Hogshead, W.P. Cook and is known as part of the Joseph F. Cook place.


(Cook Continued)

Deed Book 43 at page 425, dated XXX X, XXXX in the amount above.

Walter S. Cook acquired this property through a deed from his brothers and sisters.

This is signed by: J.F., Callie J., T.G., Nellie M., G.W., M.E., L.N. &  Lattie L. Cook.

            Deed Book Y at page 282, dated Feb. 23, 1883 in the amount of 129 Ac.

William Nelson Estate to Joseph F. Cook.  Stated as being on the White Sulphur Turnpike and joining the lands of John B. Hogshead, James Young, Benjamine Hogshead and A.R. Humphreys and known as the Ibbie Humphreys tract.

            (The William Nelson Estate will require further research)


Deed Book 28 at page 575, dated Dec. 3, 1889 in the amount of 4 Ac + 138p.

Albert & I.D.(wife) Payne to Joseph F. Cook.   Stated to join the lands of John W. & James A. McDowell and J.F. Cook.

(No record could be found where Payne got this property)


Section (b):  This is in reference to the 15 Ac. tract that H.A. Egner retained and mentioned above.

Deed Book 122 at page 368, dated Sept. 28, 1970

H.A. Egner sold this to Joyce G. Evans.

            Deed Book 170 at page 608, dated May 15, 1984

Joyce G. Evans sold to David M. & Patricia A. Crawford.

            Deed Book 197 at page 103, dated Jan. 1, 1993

David M. & Patricia A. Crawford sold to Robert A. & Elizabeth McLay Irons.


            H.A. Egner acquired this property from his parents(only heir) and they acquired it via Deed Book 37 at page 77, dated Nov. 1, 1902 in the amount of 33 Ac + 8p.(Orig. amount of tract is 189 Ac + 138p.  W.Y. & Mary E. Irons to G.A. & Sallie A. Egner.  This deed mentions the White Sulphur Turnpike and Lebanon Church.  Boundaries are with J.F. Cook heirs, J.M. Windell and C.A. Hogshead.  S.R.H. Irons is mentioned as getting an out take(see below)

            Deed Book 37 at page 79, dated Nov. 1, 1902 in the amount of 45 1/8 Ac.

W.Y. Irons to S.R.H. Irons.  Describes boundaries with R.A.C. Nickell and Porter Charlton.  This is situated on the East side of White Sulphur Turnpike and is part of the home place.

            Deed Book Z at page 566, dated Sept. 10, 1885 in the amount of 189 Ac +138p.

S.G. Young to W.Y. Irons.  This is the purchase of the original tract above by W.Y. Irons.  (See Irons research for further tracking of this property)