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Clarence “Hayden” Clarkson Farm

Present owner, Herbert Montgomery


Hayden Clarkson passed away in 1973 and the executor of the estate was The First National Bank of Ronceverte, WV.  This is recorded in the Monroe County Court House in Deed Book 122 at page 443.  The bank also handled the sale of the property and this is recorded in Deed Book 132 at page 129.  This was conveyed to John F. Montgomery on July 7, 1973.  The settlement and appraisement papers will be attached with this file.  Hayden Clarkson’s will is recorded in Will Book 19 at page 2 and is dated July 8, 1969.


Two additional deeds are of note:  Deed Book 134 at page 89, dated Feb. 4, 1974 

John F. Montgomery to Herbert S. Montgomery (father to son)   105.10 Ac.


            Deed Book 169 at page 703, Dated, July 6, 1983

Herbert S. & Joan H. Montgomery to themselves.  Deed to change instrument to Right of Survivorship.


In Dec. 9, 1947 Clarence H. Clarkson reserved 1.00 Ac. to Gray H. Vance and wife to build their home.  This is recorded in Deed Book 83 at page 507.


Hayden Clarkson received the farm as inheritance from his parents, Nannie F. Clarkson and Henry A. Clarkson.  They had two other children and they relinquished their part in the two deeds listed:   Deed Book 72 at page 275, dated July 23, 1940 from Charles S. & Edith Powers Clarkson. Deed Book 72 at page 182, dated June 5, 1940 from Walter C. & Lena L. Clarkson.  These deeds listed 106 Ac + 30p.


The mother, Nannie F. Clarkson died on July 8, 1932

The father, Henry A. Clarkson died on June 28, 1939

They did not leave a will therefore the land was left in the hands of the three children. The disposition of this is shown in the proceeding paragraph.  This property was acquired in four different parcels by the Clarkson’s as follows;

            Tract No. 1:  Deed Book 44 at page 87, dated Feb. 10, 1910 in the amount of 106 Ac + 30p.   Walter S. Cook to H.A. & N.F. Clarkson.

            Tract No. 2: Deed Book 47 at page 212, dated Jan. 15, 1914 in the amount of  1Ac.   Sallie C. & R.C. Neese to H.A. & N.F. Clarkson.

            Tract No. 3:  Deed Book 58 at page 289, dated July 23, 1924 in the amount of

16 Ac + 70p.  C.F. Dickson and Wife to H.A. & N.F. Clarkson.

            Tract No. 4:  Deed Book 67 at page 322, dated Nov. 25, 1935 in the amount of

19 Ac + 30p. Christine Hogshead Guthrie and Husband to Henry A. Clarkson.







Research on these four tracts


            Tract No. 1:  Deed Book 43 at page 425, dated Feb. 10, 1910 indicates that Walter S. Cook obtained sole ownership through a release deed from his siblings.  The signers are as follows;  J.F., Callie J., T.G., Nellie M., G.W., M.E., L.N. and Lattie R. Cook.

(This is stated as the Joseph Cook Estate, refer to research on this property)



            Tract No. 2:   Deed Book 39 at page 265, dated Nov. 7, 1905.

Thomas F. & Ellie F. Frazier to R.C. Neese. States that it joins R.B. Reed and A.R. Humphrey. 

                                   Deed Book 37 at page 264, dated Feb 13, 1903.

Kellis & Alice Johnson (and John W. McDowell Jr.) to Thomas F. Frazier.  It is stated that this amounts to 2 Ac + 50p and a 1 Ac lot that Kellis got from his grandparents.

John W. McDowell Jr. is signed on this deed for the only purpose of testifying that Kellis has the right to sell the 1 Ac lot.  The house listed on this lot is the one used by Hayden Clarkson as his residence however, another “old” house is mentioned in the description.

(The Johnson’s will be pursued in further research)


            Tract No. 3:  This comes from C.F. & Eliza R. Dickson and will be followed in the research on the Dickson properties.  This mentions joining the W.F. Boone and Patton Cook properties.  It is stated that this parcel joins the R/W of the “New” road and this is assumed to be US 219 and also mentions the old Second Creek Road.


            Tract No. 4:  This comes from Warren O. and Christine Hogshead Guthrie.  Christine got this on Aug. 24, 1929 by Deed Book No. 66 at page 17.  Ada S. & W.L. Hogshead to Christine Hogshead(their daughter).  This was known as the Joseph Cook land.   Joins Robert Reed, Joseph White and Henry Clarkson.

(See Hogshead and Joseph Cook research for this history)