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Josiah Hoke Farm

Tax Map Location,  25/0008

Located between Carpenters Run and Hollywood, near Laurel Creek on the banks of Second Creek.


This property has remained as two tracts, one of 100 AC and the other 50 AC more or less from the beginning.


The original property came as 100 AC Land Grant from the Commonwealth of VA.  Warrant No. 12841.  The grant was to Mathias McGlamery.  This was from the James Monroe Commonwealth.   The other was a 50 AC Land Grant also from the Commonwealth of VA. To Henry Hoke.   Warrant No. 14270.  This was from the James McDowell Commonwealth.


James Monroe was Governor of Virginia from 1799 to 1802 and 1811 to 1811.

James McDowell was Governor of Virginia from 1843 to 1846.


The 100 Ac Land Grant is transferred through an ancestral relationship with the wife of Mathias McGlamery.  Mathias (Mathew or Matt) married Lydia (Lincoln) Bryan.  She was previously married to Hannah Bryan and they had one child.  It appears that Mathias and Lydia had two daughters, Sarah and Bathsheba by this union.  Lydia was left all property and possessions as a life estate, then it went to Sarah and her husband John Wray, again, as a life estate.  Since no further provisions were made it would be assumed that the property ascends from them.  (Mathias McGlamery’s will was probated on July 15, 1817)  Mathias birth date was approximately 1753 and he married Lydia about 1770. Lydia lived with John and Sarah after Mathias’s death.


There is a reference to Henry Hoke in the Land books at Monroe Co. Court House listing a deed in Book 3/347  and dated 1843.  There are also many other references to Henry Hoke but not in this exact location.


Much more research needs to be pursued on Josiah and Henry Hoke.

I need a tie with Sarah(McGlamery)Wray and John Wray to the Robertson and Hoke families.  Also Henry’s relationship with Anderson W. Hoke


A school record from the 1820-30 in Monroe Co. shows Christopher Hoke as having a son in school by the name of Anderson Hoke who is prominent later, as a deeded owner of this property.  This same record shows him having also Charles and John in school.  Also listed are the children of Henry Hoke(of Land Grant fame, at least the time frame is right?): Davidson, Henry, Josiah and Nancy.  Josiah is listed as being 7 years old.  With Josiah’s father holding the 50 Ac we only need to assertain the tie with the McGlamery family and Anderson who seems likely to be his cousin.  Both Anderson and Josiah were the same age.


Anderson W. Hoke first shows up in the deed books via a Bonded Servant Agreement shown in 1852 in Deed Book R/97.


The first series of Deeds on this property is to transfer the interest retained by heirs of Mathias McGlamry, (or his wife, Lydia or daughter, Susan) to Anderson W. Hoke.  

Deed Book and Names:

1914, Deed Book  52/25,       J.A. Robertson & Ivy Robertson, S.P Robertson & Ida Robertson, H.A. Robertson & Laura Robertson  To A.W. Hoke

1916, Deed Book 49/314,      Mrs. George T. Brew To A.W. Hoke. (It is stated she is likely a daughter of John D. Hoke the son of Josiah Hoke.)

1922, Deed Book 57/136,      James S. McMann & Birdie McMann To A.W. Hoke and Wife.


In 1914, there was a deed made between A.W. Hoke To J.A. Robertson for 14 AC described as being part of the 150 AC.   Deed Book, 50/420.


1944, Deed Book 77/83  Anderson Robertson & Ivy Robertson, Silas P. Robertson & Ida M. Robertson, Henry A. Robertson & Laura Robertson transfer their interest in the 14 AC to Grover C. Lucas.


1945, Deed Book 81/188  The heirs of Anderson W. Hoke & Allice H. Hoke deed their interest in the 150 AC To E.B. Hoke.

Heirs Listed are: H.F. Hoke, Edith Mustain, J. Newton Hoke, Kate Hoke, R.D. Hoke, Rachel Hoke, Rev. J.O. Hoke,  Hellen Hoke, James E. Hoke,  Hazelle Hoke, George I . Osborne & Addie Osborne, G.L Hoke, Susan Hoke.


1958, Deed Book 100/285 E.B. Hoke (unmarried) deeds this property to Goldie L. Lucas (wife of Grover C. Lucas)   (see footnote below)


1964, Deed Book 105/440, Grover C. Lucas and Goldie L. Lucas deeds the property to James M. VanMeter & Wilda B. VanMeter.  This is presently on the tax books showing a resurvey at 146.562 AC.


Foot Note:  It appears that Anderson Robertson, or an heir, contested the deed for the 14 AC to Grover C. Lucas as shown in Deed Book 77/83, stating that this was to be excluded from the 150AC rather then included as it is written.   This is mentioned and accepted as correct in the deed of 1958, Deed Book 100/285, and the note corrects the acreage to 136 AC.   However since no deed of correction was ever produced and recorded in the Court House the parcel is still considered to be 150 AC.