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Anna Marie Copenhaver

Tax Map 10, parcel 17

This is called the Mill Lot and located on C.R. 5/1   0.338 Ac



DB226/139    Dated 1/9/98    Annabelle Mae Dawson and Rank O. Dawson transfer their ¼ interest in the property to their son, Rank Jr. in Cincinnati, Ohio


DB159/137   Dated 9/8/80   Paul R. Klein to Annabelle M. Dawson, Lillie E. Dawson, Anna Marie Dawson and Daniel Boone Dawson II.    Note: Paul Klein’s wife Marta E. died on 6/4/76 in Kanawha Co.


DB 103/475   Dated 7/16/62    Fred D. Sr. and Goldie Rodgers to Paul R. and Marta E. Klein.   The lot is a portion of a 1 ½ Ac 22p. tract.


DB 98/167    Dated 5/15/57   Roscoe F. Hoylman to Fred D. Rodgers Sr.


DB 96/405  Dated 11/25/55  “Remaining ½ interest”  Fred D. Rodgers Sr. to Roscoe F. Hoylman


DB 87/201   Dated 5/16/49   Bertha S. Rodgers and H.D. Rodgers to Fred D. Rodgers


DB 87/437   Dated 8/16/49  ½ Interest”   Fred D. Rodgers Sr. to Roscoe F. Hoylman


DB 69/137  Dated 2/8/37   Luther D. Byrd and Agnes T. Byrd to Bertha S. Rodgers.

The Byrds gave this property to Bertha because she had provided them a home, garden, fuel, food and medical care since 1921.  She was also to pay their burial expenses at their death.  The total land was approximately 45 Ac and included the lot referenced as ME-0045 on these records.


DB 38/152  Dated 3/8/04  James M. and Emma J. Rodgers to Luther D. and Agnes T. Byrd.   This is the lot listed as ME-0045.


DB 34/454   Dated 10/1/1898    B.F. Humphreys to Luther D. and Agnes T. Byrd.  This is not the lot in question by this report but is included in Deed 69/137.


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