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Rodgers Mill Property


(Need Andrew Nickell information) (Also need to investigate Hamilton Mill and Dickson/Curry School)


Robert P. Nickell acquired two parcels of land by will from his father, Andrew Nickell.


Deed Book N/672††† 3/7/1843

Robert P. Nickell and Catherine Nickell to Samuel Hamilton and James M. Nickell.

Two parcels;231A.and 23 A. 3r 20p.

There is no mention at this time of a mill or mills on this property.


Deed Book V/717†††† 12/25/1893†††††† It is now shown as 80 ĺ A. 23p.

James M. and Sally Ann Nickell to James Humphreys.†† Land both in Monroe and Greenbrier Counties on Second Creek.This is now known as the Currie Mill Property and joins the lands of Robert and E.F. Patton, The Hamilton Mill Property as well as Nickelís own property.

The lot the Byrds live on is excluded from the property but is not deeded to them till much later by Rodgers.

The school is also mentioned in this deed.


At this point, Benjamin F. Humphreys has acquired the property from his father, James Humphreys by will.


Deed Book 34/454††† 1898††† 45A.

B.F. Humphreys to Agnes J. and Luther Byrd

This is a part of the estate controlled by B.F. Humphreys and joins the mill property but is not a part of it.It does however, list the children of James Humphreys as;Benjamin F. , Mary E. , Willie B.D. and Emma.


Deed Book 35/151†††† 9/30/1898†††† 35 A.

B.F. Humphreys and Susan Humphreys of Augusta Co. Va., Agnes J. Byrd and Luther D. Byrd, Mary E. Jackson and John W. Jackson, Willie B. Holcomb and Norman Holcomb of Greenbrier Co., Emma S. Patton and Robert T. Patton of Monroe Co. To

James M. Rodgers of Greenbrier Co.††† (land in both Greenbrier and Monroe Co.ís)

This deed includes grist mill and saw mill as well as the dwelling house, all on the Monroe Co. side of the creek.It also mentions Hamilton mill tail race as being a part of the property boundary.

Again this deed excludes what is known as the Byrd lot and house containing 2 ĺ A. 6p.They also have full access to spring below the grist mill near the creek.


Deed Book 38/152††† 1904†††† Now listed as 1.5 A. 22p

James M. Rodgers to Luther Byrd

It is assumed that this makes the Byrd lot officially theirs.

Agnes Byrd who was married to Luther Byrd was one of the Humphreys children.






Deed Book 40/237†† 12/26/06

James M. and Emma J. Rodgers to Homer D. Rodgers

Said to join property of Caldwell, Byrd, Folden, George Williams and the Dickson/Curry School.

It is stated that this is part of the land from B.F.Humphreys to James M. Rodgers on Sept 30, 1898in Deed Book 35/151

The parcel is described herein as The James M. Rodgers Grist Mill and Saw Mill property.