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Sam A. Adams Estate


This is a small tract of land situated just north of Reeds Mill on the opposite side of Second Creek.  I had researched this some years ago with interest in purchasing it; however, so many members of the Adams family have a part ownership that this did not seem a possibility.  Here-in is the completed report to include with the Second Creek property research files.  (This property is included with the detailed research only because it will probably remain in limbo as long as some family member continues to pay the taxes.)


434 Ac. was purchased by Dickson from Johnson, Johnson and Nickell on Dec. 30, l910 and is recorded in Deed Book 44 at page 388.   The origin of this property will show up in research of the Dickson property.


The tract that will become the Adams property as 13+Ac. was purchased from Dickson by C.L.Thomas on 6/6/1929 shown in Deed Book 64/155. A survey was used for this transaction that was very faulty and showed the piece to be around 15 Ac. which proved to be incorrect.


S.A. Adams purchased this tract from C.L & Mary Thomas on 2/28/1938 shown in DB 69/319.   It appears that Adams was not comfortable with the original survey and had a new one done that used the existing boundaries as shown on the ground.  This proved to be an accurate survey with good calls and closure. This indicated that there was 13.13 Ac.

Note: Due to the lax attitude of the Monroe Co. tax office, in earlier times, the residue from this survey was never corrected on the property cards leaving 1+ Ac. still in the Thomas name.  This is what is called the “Blackberry Patch” and is still taxed to the Thomas family.  I contend that this land does not now or ever has existed but I am sure the Thomas family would contest this idea.


S.A. Adams died on 3/11/1957.  The settlement of his estate is listed in Fiduciary Record Book 6/76, Case No. 6761.  It lists his wife Fanny and 8 children as beneficiaries of his estate.   Fanny passed away later and her interest was spread to the children.


All of these 8 children are now passed and their interest is therefore divided amount their heirs as follows:    (Each original Sam Adams heir would have received 1/8 or 0.125% interest in the estate)


Mable Adams Reed and her husband are deceased:   They have 5 children, therefore each child will retain 0.025% of the estate.


Harriet E. Adams Trent and her husband are deceased:  They have 12 children, therefore each child will retain 0.01042% of the estate.


Trulyeon E. Adams and his wife are deceased:  They have 3 children, therefore each child will retain 0.04167% of the estate.


Lucy E. Adams Waters and her husband are deceased:  They have 3 children, therefore each child will retain 0.04167% of the estate.


Edward H. Adams:  It is not known if his wife is alive or dead but they had 3 children and it is assumed they will have 0.04167% interest in the estate.


Virginia C. Adams McDowell and her husband are deceased:  They have 2 children therefore each will retain 0.0625% of the estate.


Eva J. Adams Porterfield:  It is understood that her husband is still alive.  They had one child that is known but it is deceased.  This estate will share in the 0.125% interest in the property.


Emma L. Adams Morgan:  Her husband, Bill, is alive and they have 2 children.  It will depend on when Emma passed away as to the disposition of their interest, however, they will share 0.125% of the total Adams estate.





Survey of the Sam A. & Fanny Adams Property


Begin: Corner to(or on) H.W.Thomas and James Reed line


S70E, 20 ½ p.(338.25’);    N20-30E, 7 p. less 2’(113.5’);   S84-30E, 2 p.(33’);   N23E, 12 p.(198’);   N35E, 16 p.(264’);   N54-30E, 13 p.(214.5’);   Leaving McDowell line

N1E, 9 p.(148.5’);   N21E, 12 p.(198’);  

Leaving creek and up hill

N48-30W, 6 ¾ p.(111.375’);   N61-30W, 5 ¾ p.(94.875’);   N65W, 4 p.(66’);

N54-30W, 3 ¾ p.(61.875’);   N86-30W, 9 ½ p.(156.75’);  

S89W, 8 ¾ p.(144.375’);   S9W, 31 ¾ p.(523.875’);   S22W, 35 p.(577.5’) to beginning

13 ac – 20 p.

13 1/8 ac.