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A lone fly fisherman works the March cold waters near Nickell's Mill.  This is a fly fishing only area and is stocked with beautiful trout by the WV Division of Natural Resources.

Outdoor Plumbing

The joy of outdoor plumbing
Let's just consider for a moment the stresses this piece of equipment brought about.
You are just out of bed and the time has come.  It's January 15 and it is really cold outside, but really, the time is here.  You rush out the door, through the snow and bound into the little room.  You lift the lid and face a ring of frost all around the seat.  W-E-L-L,,,just maybe you can wait?????


To the early settlers he was food, shoe strings, harness repair, banjo heads, entertainment and even companionship.  All this and he is still just a groundhog.(woodchuck to city folk)


The arrival of a devistating blight signed the death certificate for the American Chestnut in the Eastern US.  This was seen as a huge loss by the early settlers.  It had provided wonderful lumber for houses and especially fence rails as well as feed for livestock and wildlife. 
Even today lumber from old buildings and even fence rails are salvaged and treasured by woodworkers. 

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The history and attachment to a place called Second Creek. The people and the land